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Super Mario bros Z ep.8 Super Mario bros Z ep.8

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I guess its just Not for me

Part of me understands why this is so popular. "HEY THERES my favorite video game characters and they are so cool".

Sure, shit based off of pop-cuture (which is the closest i can relate this to) can be quite successful and even live beyond the shelf life of the material its based on, yet there's nothing mature or enduring to be found here, just the same old same old. Bland and insipid, recycled and monotonous.

In fact theres no pacing to set the humor in its place, no timing and setting, just generic mario humor. In fact, you manage to capture the disadvantages of the medium of books and that of TV.

For books:
-A demand of attention to follow story and events
-A lack of visual accompaniment to descriptions and scenery

For TV:
-A lack of insight left to the viewers' imagination
-A limit to what can be expressed

The Super Mario Bros z series is a boring product limited and defined by the creator's borrowed humor, borrowed plot, and borrowed art. A text dump accompanied by other's music and and lame sound effects, followed by drawn out fighing scenes, layered on by more text dumps.

The compounded thesis of these flashes are provably in no way better or more amusing than a visit to 4chan and a copy of Mario Galaxy. All the recycled jokes and Mario themed action you need, straight from the source.

All this said, let me address the actual movie, something I could hardly bare. Jokes and sprites made by other people hardly commend your effort, so all you have to exert upon is placement. I won't go into how placing sprites is much much easier than actually drawing, but at least as with any animation the creator has freedom of pacing, the ultimate choice in doling out jokes and action. However you rob yourself of that in a way akin to a poor comic book, where the characters are lifeless and over-worded.

A good writer can overcome the inherent disadvantages of any medium, in fact a good example of creating suspense and occasional humor while leaving pace to the reader in a similar format is Nawlz (I strongly recommend it). However Alvin is not a good writer. Story follows story, episode drags into episode, and the overall effect is one of a neverending fan-fiction, a Hell to the creative mind.

It all comes down to why not try something new. In fact I ask this of every viewer and reviewer, why settle for the same drivel given to you already in immeasurable multitude? Alvin is not comparable to Beethovan or Shakespeare, men who took mediums of work refined through generations to their greatest heights, and he's no Groucho Marx or Charlie Chaplin, icons in their own times and unforgettable in performance.

"Why did you tween mario across the screen again?"

But to be fair, this humor isn't for me. I may be a good 6 or so years behind you, but I can see the humor aimed for the sake of immature nostalgia. A rcolection of the already done and the in-jokes of the internet I see every day, robbed of pace due to format, meshed with a carnal desire for attention to our icons and action.

I guess it sure is fit for its target audience, but me and many others are not. Here's to the hope that maybe you and the multitude of others will scale past the onanism of such material.

There's some debate, but overall people find this review helpful

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Mecha Tank Mecha Tank

Rated 0 / 5 stars

stop hacking me

ive found you out I see youre game

Just-MaXx responds:

Fuck off.

Dont watch longer than 2 min. Dont watch longer than 2 min.

Rated 0 / 5 stars

so gay

what are you HIGH or something

Just-MaXx responds:

as a matter of fact, yes i am

morality morality

Rated 0 / 5 stars

you fucking PYSCHO

ok this is SICK.

not only isabortion terrible, but you are a terrible father and husband for choosing such a path

furrysowhat responds:

ummm.... wtf? not only am I 14, but I was taking the hit for a person who was terribly injured. I'd say the path I chose was pretty awesome, since I saved the dude's life.