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How I celebrated christmas

2009-12-26 19:33:33 by daveb0at

While the Japanese form of cartoons known as anime has been around since the end of World War II, it is only recently that this art form has been 'discovered' in the Western world. Up until recently all cartoons were made using the Western style of animation that was originated by pioneers such as Hanna Barbara and Walt Disney. But when the production of the Saturday morning cartoon got to be too expensive, bright executives discovered an entire genre of animation in Japan. Oddly enough Japanese animation (known as anime) was heavily influenced by American animators such as Walt Disney. But Disney never imagined that is early short cartoons and feature length animations like Snow White would give birth to Hentai dickgirl anime porn!

Just like standard Japanese anime, hentai dickgirl porn ranges across the entire genre of topics. Everything from science fiction, historical stories, fantasy, romance, even business storylines is covered in dickgirl anime. A very popular trend is to take well known standard Japanese anime characters and/or shows, and then adapt them to a hentai dickgirl anime porn storyline. An example is the 'Sailor-Moon' series which is a story about three pubescent girls who have secret identities and powers and can transform into super heroes. They are perfect for a hentai dickgirl anime story. When the girls transformed each girl is animated with a huge penis along with a vagina placed just below their cock. They then proceed to 'subdue' their enemies using their special 'sexual' powers. Each girl has her own 'gifts': one is an expert at blow jobs while another is great at anal penetration, the third is a specialist at taking triple penetration!
By the time the enemy is conquered, they have been fucked and sucked dry leaving the Sailor Moon girls victorious and hungry for more.


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2009-12-30 06:13:31

I can see now how you celebrated!


2009-12-30 20:49:17

Long story short: my meal exploded because one pan couldn't hold the heat and penetrated all the other food with pieces of glass.
A soup-grenade.

Mery christmas.


2010-01-03 15:41:56

But Disney never imagined that is early short cartoons and feature length animations like Snow White would give birth to Hentai dickgirl anime porn!

daveb0at responds:



2010-01-09 14:09:54


your Reveiw score: 0

"don't bother PMing me, I disabled it so it's almost impossible to hack me (I've been hacked twice, I'm freaking sick of it) if you would like to talk with me, just post on my blog or something."

wow your that desprate for comments ...that waz really good art and that waz really low of you dude. ckletoez/twilight-princess

daveb0at responds:

don't bother PMing me


2010-01-10 11:51:19

Gotta agree with beastkid7 on this one...
I don't care when reviews like that end up on my gallery, because I get enough reviewers to counter-balance those zeros... but its' a real dick move to pick on someone like Pickletoez / the rest of the newgrounds art portal.

Here's your pitty comment for all that hard work you do trolling nice people.
Good job, jerk.

daveb0at responds:

stop ABUSING me


2010-01-13 01:31:01

I just saw your comment on that Twilight Princess pic and that Flygon pic. You really suck, sir.

daveb0at responds:

ive been hacked so many times I JUST DONT CARE ANYMORE


2010-01-13 06:53:18

that picture deserved that review because midna fetishism is shit

also flygon is a cr*ppy pokemon

now, if he left that review on a farfetch'd picture, i'd hack his account to h*ll and back

daveb0at responds:



2010-01-13 18:30:18

Your gay are you related to genderless hooker?

daveb0at responds:

i do not have it


2010-01-18 13:29:18



2010-01-20 13:17:35

o hi i'm hur 2 talk

daveb0at responds:

you are a gay 4chan faggot


2010-04-22 21:17:05

Now why would I hack your ass?